Welcome to my personal website. When I first created my personal web site, everyone thought that was really strange and geeky. That was well over 12 years agoss. Now it seems like everyone has a website whether it’s on MySpace, Facebook, or their own personal site. I have tried various things from creating my store, selling photos, posting my resume, random musings, book and product reviews, and other stuff.

My old site was getting to be quite a mess and difficult to manage. Therefore, I figure that I wanted to create a new, similar, more up to date website. There are a few purposes of my site.

  1. BulletIt is a place for me to publish my articles on various topics that interest me.

  2. BulletI will be able to share the many photos and other media that I create.

I’m also creating this on a Mac and their iWeb software. I am a bit concerned because it seems very proprietary and that can be a pain to get custom code in. But I really don’t want to deal with the technical details and managing a website can be a real pain. iWeb seems promising as it is free and has quite a few powerful features that make it easy to do what I’m looking for.

Welcome to LeonFu.com!

Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it.